Hoe het begon
En verder ging

Robert W. van Eeden, Kuilsrivier Zuid Afrika

Adres: 6 Poortstraat, Kuilsrivier, Kaapse Schiereiland, Zuid Afrika
+27 21 903 8994
Illustratie: uit site over Kaapse Schiereiland .

3 augustus 2002
Door een tip van Jean van Eeden gezocht in telefoonboek van Zuid Afrika, waar 915 vermeldingen van Van Eedens in voorkomen, waarvan 16 met eerste voorletter R. w.o. Robert W. van Eeden. (brief gestuurd, zie onder)
Ook nog een vermelding van een R. van Eeden in de
Yellow Pages van ZA.

Mr Robert W. van Eeden
Kuilsrivier, Kaapse Schiereiland
Zuid Afrika

The Hague, 3rd of August 2002

Dear Mr Van Eeden,

As you can see above, this letter is from someone with (nearly) the same name as you.
If you don't mind I'd like some of your time to tell you something about my search for people with the same name as I and ask you some questions.

I'm living in The Hague in the Netherlands, a nice town near the North Sea with nice neighbourhoods, pleasant beaches and parks. It's also the residence of our queen Beatrix.

I'm 55 years old, married with 4 children and 4 grandchildren. My occupation is career consultant. In my spare time I like to bicycle a lot and spend time with friends and (grand)children. I also am webmaster of several websites.

Since a few years I think about searching for people with the same name as I, Rob (which people call me), Robert (my official name) or Robbie (which people called me when I was young).  Why? Actually I don't really know, but the urge to do is gets stronger.

Since I started I found about 9 people, including you in South Africa, a Robert J. in Namibia, and the rest in Holland. The results of this search I'd like to publish in a website (www.robvaneeden.com), which will be on the net in a few months time. In this website I'd like to present the results of this search and some information about all the people I found.

On this website I only present publicly available information. More information is only given if the person gives permission.

I'm very much interested to hear from you and also I'd like to receive some information about your background and possibly a picture of you.

Sincerely yours,

Rob van Eeden

P.S. Ss I don't know if you speak Afrikaans, I wrote this letter in English. Naturally you can reply in Afrikaans if you like this better, as I speak Dutch as my maternal language.